Say hello to The Tinkerbell Project

When I was around 33 or so, I met a woman named Sinnita Gounden. We had an instant connection and she quickly became a friend and then like a sister. I love her so very much. She, along with a few friends and family, has started an online space much like this one called The Tinkerbell Project.

Stemming from the trauma from her own abuse, Sinnita decided that it would be a great idea to create a safe space on Facebook and Instagram for people to share their stories with her, which she posts on their behalf.

Sinnita also posts general information about abuse, mental health, and suicide prevention, such as this one:

There is also a space for people to out online abuse and hate mail, and Sinnita posts screenshots or shared people’s experiences with cyberbullying.

The Tinkerbell Project and Survivor Voices will be collaborating on sharing each other’s content and creating a larger safe space for survivors of sexual violence to come forward and tell their stories. You can get in touch via the social media links above.

Thank you for your tireless work, Sinnita. You are appreciated, loved, and valued. 🌮