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This website was created by survivors for survivors to tell their stories anonymously. If you have been through sexual harassment, assault or violence and want to tell your story, please email us on admin@survivorvoices.co.za.

This website has a few rules and your post will only be considered if these rules are adhered to.


  1. No names mentioned. It’s not just an ethical thing, it’s a legal thing. Also no descriptions that would lead anyone’s identity to be discovered.
  2. No comments.
  3. Stories about current court cases cannot be published.
  4. Any stories dealing with current minors cannot be published and will be sent to Childline and the police.
  5. Hate mail is not cool. If you have something negative to say about this website, rant to your pet.
  6. Be supportive. If you wish to comment on a story, mail will be forwarded to the relevant parties through the moderator.
  7. Be cool. This is a platform for honesty and integrity. Don’t compromise that.